Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Eid Mubarak

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all,

For ‘Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ is to foster and renew relationships through forgiveness, I’d like to wish Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin to all Muslims out there and those non-muslims, Happy Holidays!!! May it be a wonderful one.

Those who are driving back for ‘balik kampung’, please be careful on the road. ‘Ingatlah orang yang tersayang’. There’s no need for a rush.

Everyone is busy preparing food and cookies, clothes, tidying up house, so on so fall. And I’m sure, there’re still those shopping for the last calls. Remember not to buy unnecessary things. We don’t want to turn bankrupt after ‘raya’, alright. We still have to survive and feed ourselves.

While we’re enjoying ourselves spending out, there are those out there begging for others’ sympathy just for the sake of a bowl of rice. So, think of this when you’re wasting your hard earned money!

And I am thinking hard, how on earth am I gonna find money to give away the ‘duit raya’!!!! ‘Coz I’m already bankrupt before the ‘raya’! Huwaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!


abumbum said...

bukan janda kaya, tapi ibu tunggal mewah.. tapi bukan sebab tu la ina, sekarang aku pun bukan stabil sangat, masih dalam grieveness.. u understand right?? whateverpun i tetap sayang korang semua..

Anonymous said...

Hi anda suka kucing.sila layar blog kucing saya.