Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Are YOU three feet from GOLD?

by Ann Seig

Let me tell you an interesting story.

Back in the 1800's, in the middle of the gold rush, a man named R.U.
Darby traveled west with his uncle to dig and grow wealthy.

They stopped in Colorado, and Darby's uncle staked a mining claim.
Both men worked tirelessly - from sun up until sun down - using
nothing but picks and shovels.

The work was back-breaking, however both were driven by a burning
desire to strike it rich!

Finally after much toil and struggle, Darby and his uncle discovered
what they had risked everything and traveled thousands of miles for...

Needing heavier machinery to bring the shiny ore to the surface, they
quietly covered up their find and went back home to Williamsburg,
Maryland to tell their family and a few friends what happened.

As you can imagine, everyone was thrilled to hear the news!

They all pitched in to buy the necessary equipment and had it shipped
back to Colorado.

As a result, the work went a lot faster, and their first load of ore
was mined and sent to the smelter - a factory where the metal was melted.

The money made from this confirmed they had stumbled upon one of the
richest gold mines in the state.

Darby and his uncle were overjoyed!

Just a couple more loads like this and they'd be completely out of
debt - scooping up nothing but pure profit.

Then something horrible happened.

The gold just vanished.

GONE. Nowhere to be found!

Both men frantically continued drilling, trying to rediscover the vein
that had supplied them with so much elation and hope.

However, this time their work didn't pay off - the vein had simply
dried up. (So they thought)

Discouraged and bitterly disappointed, they decided to give up and quit.

Before catching the train back home, his uncle sold all the expensive
mining equipment to a "junk man" for only a couple hundred dollars.

This junk man was smart.

He quickly hired an expert - a mining engineer, to find out for sure
if the vein had gone dry.

After some inspection and further calculations, the engineer said the
project had failed because the two men weren't familiar with the
mine's fault lines.

He predicted the vein of gold would be found three feet from where
R.U. Darby and his uncle stopped drilling!

And sure enough, that's exactly where it was discovered once again.


Anyone who sets out to achieve anything worthwhile in life will face
this situation at some point. Unaware of how close they are to success
- most will abandon all hope and quit, right before making it BIG.

Maybe you're at this point RIGHT NOW.

Maybe it seems like this dream of firing your boss, working from home
(or anywhere else you want), and calling your own shots is something
that only works for other people - not you.

Maybe you just lost your top distributor. The one you thought was
going to help fund your retirement.

Maybe the cost of your pay-per-click ads are going up because you're
being outbid by others.

Maybe your website just isn't converting visitors into leads the way
it was four months ago.

Whatever the case, remember this...

500 of the wealthiest people in America told Napoleon Hill (author of
"Think and Grow Rich") their BIGGEST success and achievements in life
came RIGHT AFTER they were completely overwhelmed by failure!

So anytime I experience what appears to be a major setback, or my
goals start to seem out of reach...

I always come back to Napoleon's book and remind myself of this fact:
"Failures" and "setbacks" are not actually failures. They're simply a
necessary step in the process of figuring out what works - and what

Or as ad-writer Ted Nicholas says, "There's no failures. There's only
tests and results."

To Your Success,
Ann Sieg

P.S. - The "junk man" made millions of dollars not because he kept
digging aimlessly like the Darbys... but because he stopped and got a
different perspective on the situation by seeking the advice of an
outside expert.

Are you digging aimlessly in your business?

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