Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Simple Ways To Cut Your Transportation Expenses

Due to fuel price hike recently, I think this article is a good sharing...

Simple ways to cut your transportation expenses

by Azizi Ali

Service the car regularly

Make it a point to send the car for service regularly. While you may think it is expensive, it is actually cheaper to do so in the long run. Firstly, your car will burn less fuel. A badly tuned engine will burn more fuel than one that is well maintained. This will cost you money. Next, you reduce the chances of the car breaking down while driving. I don't know about you but the thought of the car breaking down in the middle of the night in a dark deserted road just about kills me. Thirdly, you also reduce the chances of being involved in an accident due to poor maintenance.

And if you still think servicing the car is still expensive, try having an accident.

Drive slower

You will also reduce the fuel burn by driving slower. If you are used to driving at 110 km/hr, you will save some 20 percent of fuel just by slowing down to 80 km/hr. That means the fuel will last longer and you will refill less often. End result - you save money.

Do not carry unnecessary cargo

Obviously, the heavier the car, the more fuel will be needed to move the car. Carrying unnecessary cargo therefore will just cost you money. So, remove all items that do not belong in the car and keep them where it does not cost you money. The store room should be about right.

Ensure correct wheel pressure

Under inflated tyres can increase the fuel consumption by 10 percent or more. They also wear out more quickly and are more dangerous in emergency situations. So always ensure that your tyres are having the correct pressure by checking them weekly.

Always check the map before driving to a new destination

Always, always check the map before driving to any new destination or any place that you are unsure of. What you want to do is to get to your destination the most straight forward way, if not the quickest. This way, you avoid getting lost and driving around in circles. Because if you do get lost, driving around town in circles will just cost you money. Not to mention of the irritation and rising temperatures.

Car pool

Car pooling will not reduce your fuel bill directly. But it will more than subsidize the cost. If you take in more than one passenger, you may even make money in the process! This is not counting the fun of having company to entertain you yet.

Shutdown the engine when not moving

Do not start the engine until you are ready to move. Further, do not leave the engine running when the car is not moving or when you are waiting for someone.

Use the public transport

And finally, to save even more, you can always take the public transport. Especially when going to a spot well known for traffic jams - Jalan Sultan Ismail for example - take the LRT instead. You'll arrive there faster, fresher and less hassled. Way to go, kiddo.

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